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Food Grade Silicone
Product Name:Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber
Product ID: GD-420, GD-425, GD-430
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber Application:

  Food grade silicone rubber is primarily intended for food duplication, such as chocolate molds, sugar molds, prototyping, crbon fiber composite, cake molds, ceremic crafts, printing, human organic replica, household electric appliances, light products, silicone ice box, silicone nipples, and so on.
Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber Features:
1. Food grade silicone rubber is a kind of environmental silicone rubber, non-toxic and tastelessness, highly transparent;
2. Soft, good elasticity, non-deformation;
3. Aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance;
4. Excellent high tensile and tear strength and electronic performance;
5. Not spray frost, do not spit white, do not spit yellow, do not fade, good chemical stability.
Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber Operations:
1. Evenly stir part A and part B according to the ratio, then vacuum pumping, it takes around 10~15 minutes ingeneral.
2. After pouring, heat up to 60℃ in 2~3 hours, then waiting for cooling, you can get it when formed. If the heating temperature is 120℃, it only takes about 10 minutes to form.
3. Before using, pls take a little to test to experience operation skills and avoid wasting.
Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber Notes:
1. The silicone rubber is not dangerous, pls sealed storage, and put it in dry place, avoid rain and sun exposure.
2. Avoid contact with condensation cure silicone rubber catalyst when operating, which may cause uncure, and the silicone rubber should also get away from amine, P, S and some metal salt.
3. Package: A: 25KG/drum; B: 25KG/drum.
Addition Food Grade Silicone Rubber Parameters:

addition food grade silicone rubber

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