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Life Casting Silicone
Product Name:Life Casting Molding Silicone Rubber
Product ID: GD-720
Register Date: 2017-10-25
Prices: Undetermined
Life Casting Molding Silicone Rubber Application:
  Life casting molding silicone rubber with higher viscosity is primarily intended for body surface to obtain life casting silicone mold, then it can be used to replica products or make molds, such as human prosthesis, breast, sex products, imitation human, human skin, human model, periosteum, bra, disguise self, robot and so on.

Life Casting Molding Silicone Rubber Advantages:

1. High viscosity, good adhesion on human body surface, easy to evenly brush on the surface of human body.
2. Environmental and non-toxic, harmless to the human body, has passed SGS and FDA certification.
3. Good tensile and tear strength, low linear shrinkage, high duplication times.
4. Low hardness after curing, clear color, excellent texture.
5. Physiologically inert, tastelessness, easy to operate.

Life Casting Molding Silicone Rubber Parameters:

life casting molding silicone rubber

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